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Start Your Creative Habit: Daily Journal

Shay + I both have creative habits that are long established and part of our routine. From painting, to collage, to writing, to trying our hand at any creative language that calls out to us - we love + test a lot of new ideas.

One of our favorites, and most simple, is our daily journal practice. This quick, loose, no rules, no expected outcome exercise gives us a chance, daily, to play and to explore.

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Scouts + Shouts

Happy Friday creative kind!  Hope you have had a wonderful week, full of some inspiration + some time to be explorers.  

Each Friday, we'll be sharing a link list of things we've scouted to help you on your creative journey.  Could be products we love, artists we're inspired by (shout-out!) or recent reads, listens and must-sees.  Think of it as your own personal creativity coach, scouring the web + the world to bring the can't miss straight to you, weekly.  Yes, we're that good.  

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