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Scouts + Shouts

Ahhh Friday! How’s your week been lovelies! I’ve had a fun week of connecting with old + new friends, wrapping a few big work projects and getting ready for a spring break trip to Montana. S. and I leave this weekend, and as excited as we both are about the trip - I’m still knee deep in piles to pack, pets to drop off and work to complete before we’re wheels up tomorrow.

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Color Crush: Pink + Emerald

I tend to think in color. Ever since I was a small child, I’ve been drawn to the emotions + feelings color can convey. I like to study it, find meaning behind combinations and create unique combos in my art and my home. Today, I’m crushing on an eternal fave of mine - pink + emerald green. Sometimes thought to be preppy in look - I’m calling cool and loving the richness of the green against the softness of the pink. Emerald grounds and anchors the airy blush, lending a sophistication to any space or style it graces.

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