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How Creativity Connects Me to the Present Moment

As a life-long creative, I’ve always dabbled in making stuff. As a child, I loved coloring and building. In college, I took as many art history classes as I could soak in once I discovered how much I loved them. Professionally, I focused my career on design + storytelling, building concepts, color palettes and ideas to share with customers.

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The Benefits of a Curious Life.

Curiosity. It’s my jam. I love learning, researching, asking why, trying, testing, building, failing, making, moving and growing. Chances are if you’re reading this article - you, too, are a curious person. YAY. Like minds.

True to form, I got to thinking about curiosity as a trait. Is it good, or bad? Is it helpful in a person’s life? Their work? Can it make you a happier person? So, down that rabbit hole I went. And what I found, pretty amazing.

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Making Friends with Failure

Hello go-getters! It’s Monday, a day of back attum’s and to-dos n full force. We want to add one tiny thing to your list this week. Fail. Fail big. Fail fast. Fail often. Yes, we said it. That dreaded F word.

WHAT, you say? I thought we were friends? I thought you liked me. We do. Pinky promise. But, we want to make the case for failing and hi-five celebrate the jam out of the spectacular hilarity of your mishap. Stick with us…

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5 Tips for Making Time for Creativity Daily

The biggest hurdle to any new habit is finding the space + the time to get started.  Today, we're sharing our 5 best tips for making time for daily creativity practice.  We've both been practicing design + creative thinking for years and years, but find the simple act of making something small, daily just for ourselves is a favorite part of the creative journey.   

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Scouts + Shouts

Hello TCK friends!  Happy Friday.  Each Friday, we'll be sharing a link list of things we've scouted to help you on your creative journey.  Could be products we love, artists we're inspired by (shout-out!) or recent reads, listens and must-sees.  Think of it as your own personal creativity coach, scouring the web + the world to bring the can't miss straight to you, weekly.  Yes, we're that good.  

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Welcome to The Color Kind.

Welcome to The Color Kind. Day 1. As a lifelong creative, both at work and at home I’m SO excited that you’re here. From my own practice, especially in the consistent daily journal habit I’ve built in the past year, I’ve reconnected with the joy, calm and purpose that setting aside a few minutes a day to practice creativity can bring. Confidence, connection, stress relief, innovative thinking and FUN are just a few of the reasons I choose to practice creativity. Daily. Some days this looks like painting, others a nature walk and still others creating a meal from scratch. Whatever form your creativity takes, there is benefit and joy to be found.  

We also believe a world fueled by creativity is a better place to live.  And we're not alone in this thinking.  Anyone who has practiced creativity knows the feeling that comes from their work.  The sense of purpose, community, happiness that comes from being in the zone.  Working on your craft, enjoying the process - not worrying about the outcome. 

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