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Color Crush: Artist Tess Guinery

As a creative + curious explorer, I love discovering artists to follow their work + journey. One such artist that is inspiring me lately with her beautiful shapes, but most especially her color combos is Australian artist and designer Tess Guinery. Her work first caught my eye on Pinterest, and I tell ya, the deeper down that rabbit hole I go - there is a lot to LOVE. Today, a few of my favorite works + color combos from her work.

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Color Crush: Pink + Emerald

I tend to think in color. Ever since I was a small child, I’ve been drawn to the emotions + feelings color can convey. I like to study it, find meaning behind combinations and create unique combos in my art and my home. Today, I’m crushing on an eternal fave of mine - pink + emerald green. Sometimes thought to be preppy in look - I’m calling cool and loving the richness of the green against the softness of the pink. Emerald grounds and anchors the airy blush, lending a sophistication to any space or style it graces.

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Daily Dose of Inspiration: Creative Instagrams to Follow

Instagram. Our most AND least favorite app on our phone. Yes. Sometimes at the same time. Noticing how a harmless little scroll has the power to either give energy, or take energy, I’ve been ruthlessly editing the accounts I follow. Today, we’re sharing how we approach the edit AND our most favorite art + creative Insta accounts you should be following too.

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