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The Color Kind.

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Hi There.  

Welcome to The Color Kind.  Day 1.  We're Jill + Shay, you can read more about us here.  We're both lifelong creatives - both at home and at work.  We know firsthand the benefits of having a creative practice.  Confidence, connection, stress relief, innovative thinking and FUN are just a few of the reasons we choose to practice creativity.  Daily.   

We also believe a world fueled by creativity is a better place to live.  And we're not alone in this thinking.  Anyone who has practiced creativity knows the feeling that comes from their work.  The sense of purpose, community, happiness that comes from being in the zone.  Working on your craft, enjoying the process - not worrying about the outcome. 

More recently, medical professionalsscientistsresearchersjournalists and educators are touting the many physical, mental and social benefits to practicing creativity daily.  

Among the benefits:  

+Reduces stress and anxiety

+Promotes risk-taking and innovation

+Gives you a sense of purpose

+Increased happiness and play

+Connects you with others of your kind

Yea, yea - you say. "But I'm not creative!"  Well, we call b.s. on this statement.  You're not a master chef either, but I bet you can cook.  You probably didn't major in interior design, but you've figured out how to hang a gallery wall and style your sofa.  Creativity is the same.  

Show up.  Be curious.  Have fun.  

Really.  It's that simple.

The practice + the process are the point.  Not the outcome.  Just by developing your own creative habit, you'll enjoy the benefits immensely.  

The Color Kind.  A space for you to find inspiration.  Ideas + activities for unlocking your creativity.  Tools to help you hone and practice your craft.  Curated goodies to inspire and delight you.  And a like-minded community to share your journey.  

Welcome.  We're glad you're here!

xx,  jill + shay