Scouts + Shouts

Hello lovelies! Happy Friday! What a week! I’ve (jill) been at home with a very sick little all week. She’s perking up today, but we’re still waiting on the last round of test results to see what shocked her little body into major illness this week. It was by far, the scariest week as a mom I’ve had, and I’m happy to be (hopefully) closing the door on it today. We’re looking forward to celebrating her 7th birthday tomorrow (YAY!) and Shay’s looking forward to a weekend of sports + boy momming.

Here’s hoping we both get a chance to sling some paint around a canvas or two! And you too! Did you know having your own creative practice has MAJOR happy benefits for you? See our tips on starting your own here.

On our bucket list? A trip to San Miguel de Allende during Dia de los Muertos. For now, we’ll just collage this amazing-ness with our littles.

Finally. A study in praise of messiness.

Seriously in love with this stacked sculpture garden. Anyone in Melbourne at the moment? Please send pics of the exhibit!


In our shopping carts this week: paint pens, this book, giant crazy crayon and this giant paint palette.

Kind of wanting to paint splatter our jeans. Anyone with us?

Things that caught our eye: colorful combos for bedding, ikea hacks that we LOVE, pie workshop - just in time for the holidays and this new-to-us Instagram feed giving us all the color feels.

In case you missed it, this week’s color crush on fall and prior week’s scouts + shouts to catch up on all of our loves.

xx, jill + shay