Why The Color Kind?

Color.  Because we love it.  We're crushers of color of ALL types.

The Kind.  Because it's a lifestyle.  A way of letting color + creativity shape your every day with JOY.  

But I'm not creative, is this for me?

You were born creative.  It's in your being.  You've forgotten this.  BUT.  With practice, play and guidance - - we'll make it easier for you to know yourself as a creative.  

Creativity comes in many forms:  reading, writing, painting, dancing, cooking, arranging.  We're going to celebrate creativity in ALL of it's forms, and inspire you to connect with yours along the way.  

Why is creativity good for me?

Well.  For starters it's just plain fun.  It's inspiring. 

But more than that it has many physical, mental and social benefits.  Don't just take our word for it, tho.  Read what  medical professionalsscientistsresearchersjournalists and educators say about the many positive attributes of creativity.  

A few of our FAVES and WHY we practice daily.   

+Reduces stress and anxiety

+Promotes risk-taking and innovation

+Fosters a sense of purpose

+Increases happiness and play

+Connects you with others of your kind

So.  You in?