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Scouts + Shouts

Hello lovelies! Am I the only one ready for the weekend? A chance to sleep in, switch off and just be still. At home. These last few weeks of May always sneak up on me. A mix of work flurries, end of school festivities and the call of summer’s slightly slower pace starting to seep into my being. What’s ahead for you this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope it brings you happy, beauty, peace.

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30 All-Time Best Quotes to Inspire Creativity

Words, especially, have a special way of speaking to my soul. I have been a hoarder of words, quotes, song lyrics for as long as I can remember. They’re taped to walls and mirrors, jotted in journals and memorized when they are especially moving to me. Especially in my creative work, I find comfort + confidence in the words of some of the greatest artists + thinkers throughout history. Today, I’m sharing 30 of my all-time favorite quotes on creative living.

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