Scouts + Shouts

Photo by  Daan Huttinga  on  Unsplash

Hello loves! Friday is here, and I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead! A visit with family, a birthday celebration and a bit of work + writing catch up is ahead for me. And of course, always, a little time to paint. What’s on your weekend list? Today, a few links to inspire you on your creative journey, some fun summer drinks to try and a cool project to add to your must-make list.

22 tiny things to find more joy this summer.

A great article on how to live a more creative life.

On my summer art bucket list to do with my daughter.

Why you should never stop being creative.

Summer reading: 10 books to make you a happier person.

Some beautiful non-alcoholic drinks calling my name.

Loving the new Domino magazine, focused on travel. Especially this.

This week: Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom color crush and an invitation to your own creative practice. And over at Wit & Delight My Summer Manifesto.

xx, happy weekend!