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What I'm Doing More of This Month

Happy January! Am I glad to see you? I LOVE beginnings. Mondays, a blank journal, mornings. I love the optimism, the excitement the wonder at what will unfold. This year, as I work on being more present in every moment versus checking boxes on a never-ending list of things to do, but not enjoy - I’m starting the first month off with a little less on my doing list and focusing more on my being list.

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Daily Dose of Inspiration: Creative Instagrams to Follow

Instagram. Our most AND least favorite app on our phone. Yes. Sometimes at the same time. Noticing how a harmless little scroll has the power to either give energy, or take energy, I’ve been ruthlessly editing the accounts I follow. Today, we’re sharing how we approach the edit AND our most favorite art + creative Insta accounts you should be following too.

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The Benefits of a Curious Life.

Curiosity. It’s my jam. I love learning, researching, asking why, trying, testing, building, failing, making, moving and growing. Chances are if you’re reading this article - you, too, are a curious person. YAY. Like minds.

True to form, I got to thinking about curiosity as a trait. Is it good, or bad? Is it helpful in a person’s life? Their work? Can it make you a happier person? So, down that rabbit hole I went. And what I found, pretty amazing.

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10 Prompts for Creative Journaling

By now, you've heard us talk a lot about WHY you should start a creative practice.  Today, let's focus on the HOW.  We know the hardest part of any new habit is the starting - especially if it's been a while since you last exercised your creative muscles.  To get you over that hurdle, we're sharing our 10 easy to use prompts to get your juices flowing. 

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Our Favorite Tools for Making Art

Pssst. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.  We love shopping for art supplies ALMOST as much as we love the making of the art.  Seriously.  We love touching, feeling, testing colors, dreaming up new things to make solely based on our love affair with the supplies. A well-stocked supply cabinet means we’re never without tools to create and helps inspire us endlessly. Today, we’re sharing our favorites to get your own art cabinet stocked.

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30 All-Time Best Quotes to Inspire Creativity

Words, especially, have a special way of speaking to my soul. I have been a hoarder of words, quotes, song lyrics for as long as I can remember. They’re taped to walls and mirrors, jotted in journals and memorized when they are especially moving to me. Especially in my creative work, I find comfort + confidence in the words of some of the greatest artists + thinkers throughout history. Today, I’m sharing 30 of my all-time favorite quotes on creative living.

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Start Your Creative Habit: Daily Journal

Shay + I both have creative habits that are long established and part of our routine. From painting, to collage, to writing, to trying our hand at any creative language that calls out to us - we love + test a lot of new ideas.

One of our favorites, and most simple, is our daily journal practice. This quick, loose, no rules, no expected outcome exercise gives us a chance, daily, to play and to explore.

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