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How Creativity Connects Me to the Present Moment

As a life-long creative, I’ve always dabbled in making stuff. As a child, I loved coloring and building. In college, I took as many art history classes as I could soak in once I discovered how much I loved them. Professionally, I focused my career on design + storytelling, building concepts, color palettes and ideas to share with customers.

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How to Tackle a Creative Skill in 2019

Last week I discussed the importance of curiosity + lifelong learning. This practice can lead to a healthier and happier life. You’re convinced, you’re excited, you’re ready to start! But where, how, when? As an organized creative, I like to think through the process a bit at the beginning to make sure I’m taking the right approach to any new project.

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10 Prompts for Creative Journaling

By now, you've heard us talk a lot about WHY you should start a creative practice.  Today, let's focus on the HOW.  We know the hardest part of any new habit is the starting - especially if it's been a while since you last exercised your creative muscles.  To get you over that hurdle, we're sharing our 10 easy to use prompts to get your juices flowing. 

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Our Favorite Tools for Making Art

Pssst. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.  We love shopping for art supplies ALMOST as much as we love the making of the art.  Seriously.  We love touching, feeling, testing colors, dreaming up new things to make solely based on our love affair with the supplies. A well-stocked supply cabinet means we’re never without tools to create and helps inspire us endlessly. Today, we’re sharing our favorites to get your own art cabinet stocked.

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Start Your Creative Habit: Daily Journal

Shay + I both have creative habits that are long established and part of our routine. From painting, to collage, to writing, to trying our hand at any creative language that calls out to us - we love + test a lot of new ideas.

One of our favorites, and most simple, is our daily journal practice. This quick, loose, no rules, no expected outcome exercise gives us a chance, daily, to play and to explore.

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5 Tips for Making Time for Creativity Daily

The biggest hurdle to any new habit is finding the space + the time to get started.  Today, we're sharing our 5 best tips for making time for daily creativity practice.  We've both been practicing design + creative thinking for years and years, but find the simple act of making something small, daily just for ourselves is a favorite part of the creative journey.   

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